Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year Resolutions Why I Believe In Them

I always say I want to write, more... But I don't.  There is always a reason. The intention is there but no follow through.
After the Holidays... I'll write after the Holidays...

A New Year Resolution is a fresh start.
A new beginning.
A reset.
It encourages forward thinking and helps you let go of the past.
Why not?
Go for it!
Just do it! (Nike stole my favorite line.)
 It's a new year, a good time for a beginning.
Begin again.

A New Year Resolution doesn't have to life changing.
It certainly doesn't have to be about how much you weigh.
It's more about behavior, your behavior. It's your resolution. Your intention.

Here's the glitch: Intention isn't enough.
You still have to make it happen. That's where a lot of NY resolutions go awry.
No follow through.

You have to make it happen repeatedly. Once is not enough. For a resolution to work, to become real and true you have to commit to it. Intention doesn't get the job done.

Intention without commitment and focus is nothing.

A New Year resolution is an opportunity to reach out and grab something you want. Commitment and focus is how you hold on to it.

Are you ready?
You can do this.

Happy New Year!