Monday, November 25, 2013

A Few Quotes And Thoughts

It's been awhile since I've posted here. There will be more posts to fill in the blanks of the past months. For now I want to share a few quotes and thoughts that sum up how I feel and where I am in life at this point.
 There are definitely days when I have to remind myself of this.
 So true on many levels.
 He knew what he was talking about.
 Yes Yes and Yes
 Thank you Julia.

Dear Nora 
                                                                          I miss your voice.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

A few photos to warm your heart for Valentine's Day.

Hearts and flowers 
Hearts and pencils 
Who has the key to your heart? 
More hearts and flowers 
Angel hearts 
It's all you need.
Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New York In January

I was in NYC for five days in January. Here a few images from my wintry adventure.
The approach to the Queensboro bridge. I actually meant to be going west instead of east but the view of the bridge was worth the extra walk.The photo was taken a day or two before Mayor Koch passed away.
Once I was headed in the right direction I came to the Plaza Hotel with its wonderful architectural details. Did not see Eloise. 
Near the Plaza is the charming Paris Theatre. I saw the movie Quartet there, which is also charming. 
I walked down Central Park South. The view into the park was a wintry delight but the walking was a bit slippery. 
Heading towards Columbus Circle. Love the shades of gray with the green and gold. 
Columbus watching over his Circle. 
The hotel where I stayed is in Chinatown Lots of glorious Asian details and a very busy place. 
The police department building in SOHO. I'm trying to figure out if it is still used by the police department or if it has been renovated into residential spaces. Either way a beautiful building.
Being in NYC was wonderful. I had a great wintry excursion.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

NYC Window Shopping

I was in NYC for a few days and covered a lot of ground. I thought a good way to share some of what I saw would be through window shopping, a near perfect past time, big on inspiration and low on cost. My first stop was ABC Home and Carpet on Broadway at 19th St.

ABC Home is styling heaven. They do such an amazing job starting with the display windows. They are great at mixing new and vintage.

Love the crisp white with the berry red rug. 
Even the sale signs are fun and creative.

Then it was on to Bloomingdales and Louis Vuitton where the windows are imaginative and chic.

Betty Boop and Lancome make a charming, whimsical marketing team.

The Chinese year of the snake makes an appearance in this Bloomingdale window.
More creativity and energy from LV. 

Bloomingdale's windows on Third Ave all belong to Scalamandre and their new line of dinner ware.
The dinnerware is made by Lenox, sold by Bloomindales and features fabric patterns from Scalamandre. The first pattern is a Chinoiserie toile in brown.
So Beautiful.
Next is the striking Stravagante pattern. 
More of the toile. 
The iconic zebras make a stunning table setting. 

The charming stemmed floral pattern, Bouvier.  
The soft and lovely Love Birds. 
The entry to the Scalamandre showroom on Third Ave and the display windows on either side. 
Later that day... the windows of Bergdorf

Love the yellow, the mix and the arrangement of it all.
Bright and beautiful on a cold winter night.

The next day I was in Soho. The windows are from a print/graphic design shop.
That's all for now.