Friday, May 13, 2011

A Great Weekend BG Style

I had a great time last weekend. It was Mother's Day on Sunday. I started the weekend at the ballgame on Friday with my son. It was a win all around. The weather was beautiful, the Cardinals won, a shut out, a perfect game for seven innings and perfect company.

 I love a night at the ballpark.
 Saturday morning I was up and out early. A good friend was receiving her Masters from Webster University.  The ceremony started at 8:30 am. I volunteered to make sure the graduate was in her place on time. Rain threatened but it turned out to be a glorious morning all around. Nothing like a little Pomp and Circumstance on a Saturday morning.
 Saturday afternoon I picked up the granddaughters. We had movie night at home. The movie of the night, Gulliver's Travels. It turns out Jack Black is every ones current favorite. In the morning we were off to the zoo, another favorite.

We started off at Caribbean Cove, where you can visit and pet sting rays. It was very cool. They kind of feel like wet velvet.
 This full grown female lion was a good twenty feet up in a tree.
 And this needs no explanantion.
 Then, well it's always a favorite for the obvious reason. You'd be surprised how many times you can work that into a sentence. Made even funnier through a fit of laughter.
 The ever popular Somali Wild Ass.
When we left the zoo there was a delicious lunch (that included fired pickles) with my daughter, son in law and the lovely granddaughters.  After I headed for home. My son was coming to the house.
For Mother's Day he planted a small vegetable garden for me. I was thrilled. Son and girlfriend stayed for dinner, a delicious ordered in pizza. It was a wonderful day and weekend.

The Jewel Box

The Jewel Box is an art deco styled greenhouse located in Forest Park. I drive by it at least twice a month on my way to a Design Speak meeting. I don't know how many art deco greenhouses there are, but I know this one is amazing.

The cantilevered vertical glass walls are fifity feet high. They admit the greatest amount of light and reduce damage from hail. (Which is good because there has been a lot of hail here.)
A bit history, the Jewel Box opened in 1936. It was a WPA project designed by city engineer William CE Becker.
I find the Jewel Box enchanting. The deco style works beautifully with the great expanse of glass.

Vibrant hydrangeas surround the exterior of the building.

The interior is, of course, filled with plants, flowers and trees. It's always warm inside and it is a great place to visit on a blustery spring day.

I love the concept of a jewel box you can actually walk around in. This lovely box is filled with flowering, green, oxygen producing jewels.
Beautiful Romantic Glistening