Friday, May 13, 2011

The Jewel Box

The Jewel Box is an art deco styled greenhouse located in Forest Park. I drive by it at least twice a month on my way to a Design Speak meeting. I don't know how many art deco greenhouses there are, but I know this one is amazing.

The cantilevered vertical glass walls are fifity feet high. They admit the greatest amount of light and reduce damage from hail. (Which is good because there has been a lot of hail here.)
A bit history, the Jewel Box opened in 1936. It was a WPA project designed by city engineer William CE Becker.
I find the Jewel Box enchanting. The deco style works beautifully with the great expanse of glass.

Vibrant hydrangeas surround the exterior of the building.

The interior is, of course, filled with plants, flowers and trees. It's always warm inside and it is a great place to visit on a blustery spring day.

I love the concept of a jewel box you can actually walk around in. This lovely box is filled with flowering, green, oxygen producing jewels.
Beautiful Romantic Glistening

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