Thursday, November 11, 2010


One of my favorite stores is Anthropologie. It is a great place for a little retail therapy.  Lately I've been thinking about special pieces for table settings and I'm always on the look out for special accessories.

This stacked teapot and sugar bowl is actually a charming vase. Love it.
This shade of purple, aubergine, is beautiful.  The color and details make this platter a wonderful addition to a table.
These Marie Antoinette-ish plates are too good to be true. I would never eat off  them. I would find a special place and hang them on a wall to look at and admire everyday.
These colorful, joyous plates would make any time a special occasion.
Where do you shop when you need a retail fix?

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  1. Does Goodwill qualify? I'm serious, but also love Anthropologie. My niece says that I have some really terrific aprons that they can't keep in stock.