Friday, February 17, 2012

Ralph Lauren Inspired By Downton Abby

From the first scene of the first episode of Season One of Downton Abby I knew I had found my latest obsession. I love everything about it. I could go on and on but I won't. I'm not the only one obsessed with DA but who knew Ralph Lauren was also a devotee. His latest collection is beautifully inspired by Downton Abby. If you don't already know Seasons 1 and 2 have taken us from 1912 to 1919. When Season 3 arrives the story will be set in the 1920's. It is all so romantic. The wools, the tweeds, the satins, the silks they're all here and they are stunning.

I love the fuchsia with grey.

Chic, elegant and comfortable.Who knew?

Beautiful classic lines.

Love this collection.
Love Downton Abby.


  1. Love your blog. I am your newest follower. Love Ralph, but most of all, Love,Love, Downton Abby. Sosad this next show will be the last for this year>Why? I want it every week for the rest of my life. Richard from My Old Historic House.

    1. Thanks Richard I feel the same way about Downton Abby. I want to visit there every week. Forever

  2. Yes, I love everything Bohemian Grandma shares.
    Downton Abby, snf" for real going bye bye for the season? Poo.

  3. Great post. Thank goodness Ralph gets it too. I'm sure some celebs will do what they do to make those wonderful styles popular again.