Monday, June 11, 2012

Antiques In The Park

 Lafayette Park ( in St Louis Mo) is a perfect setting for an antiques sale.
 The park, designed in the 1800's, is surrounded by beautiful Victorian era homes.

I went to the sale on a clear, warm Sunday. There was a variety of products being sold on the sidewalks around the park.
 I thought this lamp was interesting. I especially like the shade.
 This console table needed work but  had plenty of potential.  A wash of paint would make a huge improvement.
 I love this poster. I didn't buy it. I wish I had.
 I also love this chenille bedspread with a peacock pattern in the center and it's in the color of the year Tango Tangerine. Amazing
 I thought this metal wall piece was interesting. I like how the design intensifies towards the center.

 There was a great display of vintage metal signs. Hope they all went home with someone.
The neighborhood is also home to the charming Rue Lafayette cafe. My favorite place " to take a meeting."


  1. I would have snapped up that lamp and bedspread (depending on the price)!

  2. It was fun to browse a second time. Too bad I already have my own flea market in my garage.