Friday, January 15, 2016

Inner Dialogue Or Who Are You? And Why Don't You Shut Up?

Your inner dialogue creates your personal mantra. What is yours? Is it positive ? Negative? Annoying? Scary?
It is probably created by past conditioning, which consists of what we've been told is true and what we are afraid is true.
This inner dialogue runs ramped through your head. It comes from fear and it creates fear. It creates a lot of problems. You can end up making most of your decisions from a place of fear.
Not a good idea.
You can stop it.
You can finally move forward by letting go of your own personal obstacles.
It can be hard to let go because this dialogue has been your constant companion. Even if it has caused pain, frustration and confusion, it is what you know.
Past conditioning and its inner dialogue has been with you a long time. It is going to take time and effort to make the change. Intention is the first step but not the only step. Focus and commitment are the other ingredients needed to make the change, to make this big difference in your life. In who you are.

To change the habit of your controlling inner dialogue the first step is to become aware of it.
Take a few minutes and listen to it, the babbling, the lecturing, the nagging.
What is it telling you?
Does the dialogue tell you what to do and not do because of fear?
Because of what others will think?
How it will look?
Listen  pay attention to it and then say No.
Get over it!
Let it go.
Move on.
Move forward.

Stop it, now.

It will take practice, commitment, focus.
It won't change overnight. It won't go away from intention alone.
Work at it.
Yes, it is work. There is no magic to make your inner dialogue go away, but it can also be kind of fun. Talk back, call it names, tell it to shut up. It's not you You're not yelling at yourself. This is something completely separate from who you are.
So have at it. Enjoy the process of banishing the nag.
Your life will change so much for the better without the inner nagging.
Let it go.
Move on.

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