Monday, March 7, 2011

Christian Be'rard

Christian Be'rard was born in Paris. His short exuberant life was from 1902-1949. He worked as an artist, set and costume designer, fashion and book illustrator and a portrait painter.  He was also witty, charming, kind and charismatic. He was sought after socially as well as creatively.
I first took notice of Christian because of his fluid, elegant architectural elements painted on walls.

His imaginative work brings a lively style to interiors.
Christian also worked in fashion. He illustrated for Vogue Magazine in the 1930's. He added his own layer of style to these creative works.
The fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli used his talents to illustrate her beach wear collection. Gorgeous drawings.
This is a silk scarf Be'rard designed. His talents go on and on.
This sketch was done as an illustration for Colette's story of Gigi. It is  absolutely charming and delightful.
This loose floral pattern was a carpet he designed in 1940. It would be perfect in current modern interiors.
This is a sketch done for a set design of a 1935 production of Margot.
Christian often worked with his friend and fellow creative Jean Cocteau.  These illustrations show set designs for Cocteau's screen version of La Belle et la Bete.  Dark, beautiful and imaginative.
Christian Be'rard at work creating.

His vice was his undoing. Christian's life was brought to an early end in part by his addiction to opium.
To me Christian Be'ard is a truly creative and talented artist. What I find fascinating is how he could work and create in so many areas.  A true Bohemian Creative.
You can read more about his work and life in the book


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